Mental Health Resources

At Harpeth Pediatrics we treat the whole child, which includes both physical and mental well being. Sometimes in this process, issues arise that require additional resources. We have created this list to help you find trusted professionals to assist us in the path to your child's wellness.

Rolling Hills Hospital Main: 615-628-5700
24hr Admissions/Crisis Line: 1-800-832-0388
2014 Quail Hollow Circle Franklin, TN 37067
Daystar Counseling 615-298-5353
Private Pay, Sliding Scale Available
AGAPE – Nashville 615-781-3000
Most commercial Insurance accepted
Athena Consulting/Testing Nashville
Accepts most commercial Insurance
Green Hills Family Psych 615-519-8960
Private pay
Health Connect America 615-656-0227
Takes insurance
Learning Lab 615-377-2929
Nashville Neuropsychology & Family Services, PLLC 615-933-3571
Neuropsychological and psychological testing
Individual and group therapy
Nashville Child & Family Wellness Center 615-238-9100
Renfrew Center 615-221-7075 or
Eating Disorders
1624 Westgate Circle, Suite 100 Brentwood, TN 37027
Vanderbilt Behavioral Health 615-936-3555
Vanderbilt Psychiatry 615-936-3555
Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital 615-327-7770
24/7 Crisis: 615-327-7000
Stambaugh, Timothy, W., M.A. 615-791-7342 Email:
Assessment and Therapy
McLaughlin, F. Joseph, PhD. - Clinical & Developmental Psychologist
West, Pamela D., PhD. - Clinical Psychologist
Wendt, Ashley Pineda, PhD. - Clinical Psychologist
615-370-4977 214 Centerview Drive, Brentwood, TN 37027
Southeast Psych Nashville: Psychology For All tel: 615-373-9955
fax: 615-373-2001
5409 Maryland Way, Suite 202, Brentwood, TN 37027
Music City Peds Developmental & Behavioral Medicine
Caitlin Rissler, RN, MSN, CPNP-PC
615-373-9955 Diagnostic Evaluations, Education & Parent Coaching, Treatment Planning, & Medication Management
Brentwood Counseling Associates 615-377-1153


John Fite, PhD 615-337-6975
Susan Han, PhD 615-338-8679
Tracey Hunter, LCSW 931-626-2293
Roof Krieg, PhD 615-778-9978
Lauren Myers, LPC-MHSP 615-310-1294
Phyllis Nobles, LCSW Franklin, TN
Kelly Watson, PhD 615-370-4977


Bryan Bell, MD 615-224-9800
Margot Feintuch, MD 615-200-6858
Jeri Fitzpatrick ,MD 615-269-4557
Katherine Jalovec, MD 615-515-7775
Jack L. Koch, MD 615-515-7775
Richard Navarre, MD 800-832-0388 or 615-269-4557
Susanna Quasem, MD 615-238-9100
Steve Snow, MD 615-269-4557
Dana D. Verner, MD 615-519-8960

LGBTQ Therapists

Jennifer Edwards, LPC/MHSP 615-491-3655
Jennifer Strickland, LPC/MHSP 615-645-3753
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