Vaccination Policy

We follow the policies recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Immunization Guidelines.

We are committed to protecting the health of your children, therefore we require all our patients to be vaccinated.

We must also protect our many newborn babies that come to our office who are too young to have had the vaccines. Please recognize that by not vaccinating, you are putting your child and others around you at unnecessary risk for life threatening illness, disability, and even death.

We understand that the choice to vaccinate may be a very emotional decision for some parents. We will do everything we can to educate you that vaccinating according to the recommended schedule is the best thing you can do for your child. If you have any concerns, please talk with your child’s pediatrician.

Vaccine Schedule

Birth: Hep B

2 Mo: Hep B, Rotavirus, PCV 13, Pentacel [DTaP, Hib, IPV]*

4 Mo: Rotavirus, PCV 13, Pentacel [DTaP, Hib, IPV]*

6 Mo: Hep B, Rotavirus, PCV 13, Pentacel [DTaP, Hib, IPV]*

9 Mo: None if up to date

12 Mo: Varicella, Hep A, MMR

15 Mo: DTaP, Hib, PCV 13

18 Mo: None if up to date

2 Yr: Hep A

3 Yr: None if up to date

4-5 Yr: DTaP, IPV, MMR, Varicella

11-12 Yr: Tdap, Meninigococcal [Menactra], and HPV [Gardasil] 2-dose series inital dose, then second dose in 6 months. If started after age 15, Gardasil becomes a 3-dose series.

16-18 Yr: Meningococcal: Menactra #2 and Men B [Trumenba] #1 and #2

What to Expect at a Routine Well Check

  • Developmental questionnaire to be reviewed with the provider. Depression screen for ages 12 and up. Teen Questionnaire as indicated.
  • Vision and hearing screening at age appropriate intervals (usually every or every other year).
  • Age appropriate labs, such as a complete blood count, cholesterol, urinalysis.
  • Vitals: height, weight, head circumference, and blood pressure depending on age.
  • Assess and review growth charts.
  • Review health history/allergies/family history.
  • Head to toe physical examination.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Discussion about safety and preventative care, as well as nutrition.
  • Discuss concerns.

Concerned about Coronavirus?

We are too. That's why at Harpeth Pediatrics our providers offer in-office testing and stay up to date with the latest CDC recommendations in our practice. Read here to learn more about our response to COVID-19.

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